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Welcome to the Fountain Auction Academy and the wonderful world of auctions  

This site is all about YOU.

The Fountain Auction Academy exists for one reason - to teach YOU, the agent, the skills of how to run a successful auction program, and, YOU, the auctioneer (or would be auctioneer) to help you develop and improve your skills. 

The Fountain family have been closely involved in auctions and auctioneering for three generations so you can say it is well and truly "in our blood". 

I have learned that passion is the main ingredient in the recipe for success. Add persistence and preparation to this and you can achieve extraordinary things.

If you are committed to becoming a skilled practitioner in the "art of the auction", a system now over 3500 years old, either as an auctioneer or as an agent/realtor selling property, livestock, machinery, etc. we are here to assist you achieve that dream.

We now have real estate agents and auctioneers from across Australia and in New Zealand and the United States who have attended our courses and are progressing up that "auction ladder of success" ~ why not join them?





Tony Fountain

(Founder and Principal)




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Auction Academy

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