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The "How To" Guides

The "How To" guides - helping you on your way to earning a six figure income selling real estate 

These e-books  will take you through the stages of the auction marketing system.

They are:-

Securing the Listing

Here is where your auction starts - getting out there and gaining the listing.

Contents include: 

  • Why auction? - the benefits of auction from the vendors, buyers and agents points of view
  • The listing process - preparing the appraisal - making the appointment
  • The listing process at the property - steps to take before the appraisal - steps to take at the appraisal - what you should have when you arrive
  • What to do when you arrive
  • The marketing Plan - for Private Treaty/tender/auction
  • The mathematics of the auction program: selling without a price - using the auction campaign to create interest and bring in buyers - auction presentation
  • The Seven Steps to Success
  • Vendor paid advertising: how to get it - how to overcome objections
  • Where to auction: "In rooms" versus "on site"
  • Appendices: checklist for sales people/sample agency history/sample sales person biography/checklist for use at property inspections/sample "Pick and Tick" for advertising

Securing the Listing - $15.00 including GST

The Auction Campaign

Sounds simple - run an auction campaign and it sells itself!

"Oops" probably best describes what many say when they find that is not the case. HOWEVER, auctions, when run correctly, can be enormously effective and profitable.

This e-book takes you through the simple steps (yes, they do require discipline to make them work) of running a successful auction campaign.

Contents include:

  • Preparation: letter to your vendor
  • Advertising
  • The Internet - how to make it your friend not your enemy
  • Canvassing
  • Open Houses: their importance - tips for making them successful
  • The campaign over the next three weeks
  • Data is dollars
  • Referrals: how to deal with them
  • An active auction agents time management plan
  • Activities: door knocking, creating an effective database and email Newsletter
  • Appendices: Samples of Vendor Letter series/Sample Vendor Reports

 The Auction Campaign - $8.00 including GST


Auction Day!

This e-book gives you a clear guide on not only what should be done in preparation for auction day but it also gives you valuable tips on such things as:

  • Mathematics of the Auction program
  • The auction day from start
  • The Reserve - setting it
  • The Vendor Bid - why it is such a critical part of today's auctions
  • The Auction Timetable
  • Stage Three Marketing - an overview
  • Summary

Auction Day/Night - $8.00 including GST



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