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An integral part of the FAA philosophy is that whilst individual salespeople can gain sufficient skills to create their own substantial auction business, it is within the office environment that this can either mature and grow or wither on the vine.

Our FAA OFFICE GROUP is therefore aimed squarely at the complete office sales team and our package includes:

  • An initial visit to the office where the FAA system is outlined and the auction books etc are distributed.
  • This is followed by a visit each month for training, which is built around our Review/Preview program. During the Review, we look at the past auctions and discuss what was done correctly and/or incorrectly, how we can improve, etc. The Preview looks at whatever the Principal feels needs addressing.
  • Access to FAA Principal Tony Fountain by email and/or phone.

We have found over the years that this constant re-focussing on the end goal - that of creating auction sales - through the Review/Preview process has had enormous flow   ons for both the office and sales team and with Tony working "hand in glove" with your sales team, a great working and profitable relationship can develop.

Offices we have worked with include those within these franchises (testimonials are available) -

  • First National
  • The Professionals
  • Harveys (New Zealand)
  • Dowling
  • Harcourts
  • Ray White
  • Integrity Real Estate
  • Century 21
  • Wiseberry franchises and independent offices in our group.

One of our FAA Group, in itself a leading franchise office, has lifted its auction sales level from 53% to 83.6% with a doubled profit level!

We also have a facility whereby we can "come in" on a weekly 40-60 minute group meeting with your office via Skype.

We have used "Skype meetings" successfully with offices in regional Australia and New Zealand. These run usually for a period of one month, i.e. 4 x weekly sessions, in which your sales team are supplied with the FAA Workbooks and each week, as well as conducting what we call our "Review/Preview" program of current and forthcoming auctions, we also give a training session with the accent on one of the four key areas. These are:

  1. Signing up the auction
  2. The auction campaign
  3. Auction day or night itself, and
  4. Post auction

For more information on the FAA OFFICE GROUP component, contact Tony either by email ( or  phone on +61 418 238 341

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